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How do you buy a queue reduction at Disneyland Paris today?馃椉

How do you buy a queue reduction at Disneyland Paris today?馃椉

In order to shorten the queues, you must first purchase a standard entrance ticket to Disneyland. In our links you will also get an exclusive discount 馃檪

After the purchase, you can access the Disneyland Paris app that can be downloaded from the app store. Sign up or log in and link your card.

Then you can press the button

Buy a Disney Premier Access

There you can choose between several options:

1. Disney Premier Access ultimate option that allows skipping all facilities that allow skipping (not including Orbitron and Avengers campus) 1 time per attraction. No need to choose a time.

Price: between 90 and 190 euros per person per day depending on the period

2. Purchase of skipping a queue at a specific facility. for a certain time. Must purchase and redeem on the same day. 1 time per attraction. Disney Premier Access one

Price: between 5-20 euros per person per facility.

After the purchase, you arrive at the facility, scan the barcode in the app and go up to the facility.


Order discount tickets to Disneyland Paris from here. Order early!

馃敟 Free ticket cancellation up to 3 days before the date 馃敟

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